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EverCan Technology Corp. has been serving the can making industry since 1991.Through our partnership with technology leaders we have been able to offer our customers economical solutions for their quest to lower manufacturing costs and increase quality.                             

In recent years, we have broadened our horizons to include related industries, either by technology or application field.


In addition to the can making industry we are now also active in the food packaging, blow molding, and automotive industry.

EverCan Technology is working together with following partners:




Automatic scroll strip feeder, automatic end bagger and plastic wrapper, snake palletizer, debagger, unwrapper with automatic end feeder for seamers. Electro coater for EOE. Ideal automation solutions for end makers and canners.

Powder side stripe and curing, embossing of cans, alufoil sealing machine.

GOUDSMIT:    Magnetic conveyors for all types of application

Seamer enhancement products, seaming chucks and rolls. Rebuilding of seamers.



Productivity and quality enhancement products for slitters. 

Parts and service for Mawag slitters and body blank transfer systems.

MAER, SA:     Rotary Neck Trimmers for plastic bottles.
SABATEC:     Tooling and parts for can welders.
SUTTER ENGINEERING:     Static frequency converters for welders.
WILCO:     Leak testing.
CLEVERTECH/ACS:     Machines for manufacturing keys, cylinders, locks, padlocks.


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Last modified: April 11, 2011